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Schenck Process Refurbishment Services keeps Proctor and Gamble plant fully operational

Schenck Process have recently successfully completed the refurbishment of key process equipment at the Proctor and Gamble site at London to ensure the efficient running of the plant. The work was carried out in the purpose made Refurbishment Cell at the Schenck Process’ factory near Doncaster and caused minimal disruption the client’s operations. By refurbishing the equipment off-site this eliminates the need for any on-site supervision, work instructions and permits to be issued.dome_news

The refurbished equipment is part of the pneumatic conveying systems that has been supplied by Clyde Process, who are now part of the Schenck Process Group. The conveying systems at Proctor and Gamble handles a variety of materials

Central to all Schenck Process pneumatic conveying systems is the Original Dome Valve® which is a fast acting control valve. The refurbishment of the valves includes inspecting the dome for abrasive wear, replacing shaft bearings and seals where required and testing the operation of equipment and issuing a certificate of conformity. These are part of the 12 step refurbishment programme available on this product and other components of Clyde Process and Schenck Process pneumatic conveying systems.

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