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Innovation, experience and know-how have made Sempertrans one of the world´s leading suppliers, offering a broad selection of technologically advanced conveyor belts for applications in the mining, cement and steel industries as well as for other applications such as ports, power and heating plants, quarries and the chemical industry. Ranging from heavy duty textile to high strength steel cord belts, Sempertrans’ products stand out for their high reliability and long service life. To reach the highest quality standards, we engage in all processes of manufacturing a conveyor belt, from creating our own belt design to mixing our own compounds and producing our own steel cords – ensuring total control over the technical construction and properties of our belts.

With headquarters in Vienna, Austria and production facilities in Poland, France, China and India, Sempertrans supplies tailored conveyor belts to customers who demand both high-performance and economical transport of raw materials and other goods. Besides the supply of high-quality belts, Sempertrans offers critical support at all project stages. Our Global Application Engineering Teams and Field Service Teams provide our customers with excellent consulting services such as the design and configuration of conveyor belts in order to optimise the effectiveness of the entire production plant as well as the installation, splicing, splicing supervision and maintenance by our own experts and partners.

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