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Martin Engineering Ltd

A belt-cleaning tag team! Martin Engineering has launched a revolutionary secondary  conveyor belt cleaner in the UK to complement its advanced CleanScrape® primary cleaner. The CleanScrape® secondary cleaner (CS2) is particularly effective when continuous production is essential or where servicing is difficult, including hard-to-access, high-temperature or corrosive environments. CS2 can be used with any primary belt cleaner but works best with Martin’s original CleanScrape® primary cleaner (CS1).  Used together, they form an unrivalled pairing that virtually eliminates material carryback, plus the associated cleanup and downtime. Proven to achieve whole-life cost reductions, the CleanScrape® ‘tag team’ delivers superior cleaning and up to four times the service life of conventional designs, with half the maintenance. Easy to install and typically requiring just one re-tensioning during its lifespan, CS2’s unique stainless steel design incorporates a matrix of carbide tips and is tensioned lightly to prevent damage to the belt or splices.
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