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June visit to the Port of Tilbury: sign up now

The MHEA has its next site visit on Thursday 13 June. Visiting the Port of Tilbury (London), the event will provide a fascinating insight into the workings of London’s major port. To reserve your place, please contact or by calling her on 01787 226995.

MHEA site visits provide invaluable access for members to the inside story of some of the UK’s most hard to access facilities.  The visit to Tilbury, which is one of eight ports owned by Forth Ports, will include a sneak preview of the newest port in Europe, which will be able to receive some of the largest cargo vessels that arrive in the UK from China.

The Port of Tilbury is the largest multi-modal port in the South East and the third largest port in the UK so spending a day there will be an absolute privilege and of great benefit to members. The port offers operational support for different cargoes, including ro-ro containers, forest products, grain and bulks, as well as cruises and property solutions.  It has an annual throughput of 16 million tonnes per annum and this is estimated to value around £8.7 billion; this makes it the largest port on the Thames. The varied cargoes are spread across an estate in excess of 1,000 acres and are imported and exported by a variety of short and deep-sea vessels

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