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Bradley Pulverizer Company

Applications for their Airswept Mills range from coarse limestone (as a sorbent for SOx), fine coal for pulverized fuel, to superfine marble for fillers. Current orders are amongst others for phosphate rock, bentonite and limestone grinding. This ability to make a wide range of product sizes in one pass, and to dry material in the mill, combined with outstanding durability and reliability keeps the Bradley mill amongst the leaders in the field.

Bradley Windsifter air classifiers use the same design as the Mill Separators, and are operating in five continents

Bradley are an independent specialist manufacturer, which allows them to respond quickly to enquiries, and to provide continuing support to customers for the lifetime of the plant, which often exceeds 60 years. This is why so many orders are from existing customers, who recognise the value of such a partnership.


Tel: +44 (0) 1322 559106

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