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Cliffe Hill Quarry visit

MHEA are pleased to announce an MHEA site visit to Cliffe Hill Quarry, the largest quarrying and asphalt operation within MQP. It is a working quarry with 2 asphalt plants on site and a rail link. Whilst there have been quarrying operations since the 19th Century at Old Cliffe Hill Quarry, Markfield, it was in the late 1980’s that the construction and commencement of operations at New Cliffe Hill Quarry began.

Today Old and New Cliffe are linked by a 714m tunnel, which was completed in 2003. The aim behind the tunnel was to release some 60 million tonnes of previously sterilized high quality granite. The quarry currently produces up to 4.5 million tonnes of Markfieldite granite aggregate per year and predominantly supplies the construction and road building industry, through the company’squarrying, asphalt and rail distribution operations.

Approximately 40% of the aggregates sold are delivered by rail.Cliffe Hill has a production level of 600,000 tonnes per year of asphalt materials.

Only 30 spaces available, so early booking confirmation is advised. There is no cost to members attending the visit, but space is limited so reserve your place now! If you would like to book a place, please email Julie Claus or fill in this form.

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